Mechanical Design

Our clients acknowledge our great "problem solving" skills in entrusting us with the study and development of customised solutions in various sectors. We boast more than 40 years of experience in the design of equipment and special machines for the engineering industry.

In addition, by partnering with the company's technical office, we offer a complete service that ranges from basic design development including problem analysis, passing to the projection with all necessary attention given to the basic construction and production costs and to safety, before finally reaching the realization and assembly of the construction designs and the bills of materials.

Essetierre is the reference point par excellence in the design of equipment, devices, machines and lines for various industrial manufacturing sectors including: Industrial Sector / Oil & Gas Sector / Military and Aerospace Industry / Automotive Industry / Wrapping and Packaging Sector / Medical and Ophthalmic Industry / Lifting and Transport Industry / Research and Development Sector / Alimentary and Pharmaceutical Industry Following are just a few examples:

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Work methodology

Having highly-qualified personnel and being equipped with the most modern technology and latest-generation computer systems, we are able to best manage all the interchange data necessary for order management.

All is effectuated in accordance with the standards of ISO 9001:2015 regulations.

Industrial design stages

Brief acquisition

Our representatives will visit you at your facility to understand and analyse your needs. We will acquire all information necessary to be able to offer up our solutions.

Even whereby various steps prove necessary in accordance with the complexity of the task, we will always respect your internal organisational standards. Only whereby finding a positive solution and mutual satisfaction shall we proceed with placing the executive order.

Project outline

We develop the base design by utilising 2D or 3D CAD systems, proposing the project only continuing to the successive stages upon verifying the feasibility and obtaining your consent.

Concept and design

Artefact construction planning is undertaken with drafting of the mounting assemblies and the bills of material necessary. Construction drawings of specific details are elaborated.
When necessary, the designs can be accompanied by traditional or structural calculations executed with finite elements.

If needed, we able to carry out the measuring of current set-ups at your premises in the case of undertaking action on pre-existing components to be modified or modernised.
Our professionalism is ever our strong point, resulting from the dedication of a highly-specialised technical team able to offer a complete service from problem analysis to the preparation of the technical documentation necessary for production of the product.


The entire cycle from the drawing to the realization of the construction designs will be effectuated on 2D or 3D CAD systems.
In accordance with your needs, executive design tables and/or 3D models can be provided.

Accompanying the project

Upon request, we are able to assist our clients in the successive phase of the project, being in the actual creation of the artefact, offering our technical assistance both with regards to overseeing production operations and assemblage.

In addition, we can also assist in drafting manuals for certification and in the compilation of computation reports for the structural checks whereby the product falls into such a category.